At Massive Damage Games, we take our “Indie Spirit with Big Vision” motto to heart. Our diverse team of AAA veterans and indie all-stars work passionately and collaboratively to build successful original IP games with innovative gameplay and beautiful worlds.

Our Values


Not only are we passionate about games, we are passionate about everything we do. We love games whether making or playing them, but we also love our company as if everyone in it is our family. Together, our passion will give us ambition, motivation and challenge us to push our boundaries.

Work Life Balance

We understand people have a life outside of work and there could be challenges in our lives where we have little or no control. We believe that a flexible work environment and time will in return provide a better lifestyle for everyone as we are all unique and we understand the importance of your health, not only your physical health, but also your mental and emotional health.

Growth & Diversity

We always aim to hire the people who are the best fit for our project and culture. We believe a well diversified team could help reach a broader audience and achieve greater success.


We are a humble group of gamers who love to have fun. We plan company retreats, parties, lunches, team building events to allow everyone to feel fully integrated into the team. We even have our own Massive Damage jacket which each new recruit will receive during their Massive Damage Jacket Ceremony. We always remember your birthday and work anniversary and celebrate every chance we get.

Our Team

Ken Seto

Co-Founder, CEO

Garry Seto

Co-Founder, Head of Studio

Linda Tran

Administrative Director

Peter McLaren

Creative Director

Lucky Bremachandra


Bryan Heemskerk

Art Director

Jacqueline Yuen

Level/Content Designer

Colin Sanders

Senior Game Developer

Matt Kidd

Technical Art and Animation Lead

Katy Chan

Support Manager, Associate Producer

Tyler Moore

Lead Game Developer

David Kingsmill

QA/ Jr. Game Designer

Kenneth Lam

Lead Graphics Systems Developer

Graham Knopp

Senior Game Developer

Kimberly Graham

3D Artist

David Chung

3D Character Artist

Thelonius Bashford

3D Environment Artist

Riley King

Jr. 3D Animator

Ryan Honey

Technical Artist

Steve London

Audio Producer

Lyon Lee

Production Director

Graham Taylor

Technical Artist

Renuka Bhalerao

Jr. 3D Animator